Our goal is to establish a strategic alliance with System Integrators, Distributors, Information Technology companies, Engineering Procurement and Construction companies, Manufacturing Companies, Operating Companies and Automation Equipment Distributors to ensure that the Sinolta platform is available globally from reputable, MRCSI certified entities.


Depending on your company’s business model and marketing strategy, we offer several different types of partnerships that will fit with your organization. Here are some benefits that our partners enjoy:

Access to the local market by being in the certified service providers

Quite often, we are approached by end-user asking us to recommend a local system integrator who is familiar with Sinolta. By having a list of System integrators worldwide, we are in a position to recommend one of our certified system integrators to end-users.

Potential project partnership for international projects

When systems become large and complex, end customers would prefer having the vendor as the primary contactor to deliver the system. While we can take overall responsibly of any new software development and system delivery, we rely on our network of certified System Integrators to do the system integration, commissioning and maintenance services. 

System Integration certification

Through a three-level online certification process (Basic, Standard and Advanced), System Integrators are able to self-train and option system integration certificate. Certified system Integrators will be able to claim relevant qualification, use Sinolta Logo and hyperlink on their website

Discounted software licenses

Our Certified Partners are entitled to receive Partner discount for all software licenses that they deliver to their customers.

Subscription-based Data Center solutions

Our Certified System Integrator partners will be able to use Sinolta Data Center license to offer online Data Monitoring and Control services.

Higher level of support

Our Certified System Integrators will have unlimited phone/email support

Referral Commission

Our Sales Reps will receive referral commission to all System Integrators and end customers who will use Sinolta

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