MR Control Systems International Inc. has been providing a comprehensive range of SCADA solutions since 1999. During the first 6 years of our business, we implemented several hundreds of SCADA systems across the globe for Process Control, Power Utilities and Renewable Energy industries.

Through the implementation of these projects, we identified a series of gaps in many of the off-the-shelf SCADA systems.

In 2005, our R&D team set out to address these gaps by developing a comprehensive SCADA platform. This 15-year development resulted in producing the Sinolta platform.

With our offices in Houston and Calgary, we are able to provide the highest degree of support to our customers in the US and abroad.

We are committed to develop and support a global network of system integrators and customers who value more intelligent and practical tools for their monitoring and control applications.

President's Letter

Dear Valued Partners:

MR Control Systems was initially formed as a System Integration company providing high-quality SCADA system integration and engineering services in the water, oil and gas, power utility and renewable energy sectors.

In 2003 we were invited by one of the largest international manufacturers of electrical and control systems, to address a series of critical limitations that their monitoring and control teams were facing in Germany and the USA.

We spent a full year working with two teams of highly specialized control and automation engineers resulting in a 500-page technical requirement document identifying the core issues.
Our client then asked us to evaluate eight different high-end SCADA platforms and select top three that would address their issues and meet their requirements.

After a complete evaluation of platforms from around the globe, we realized that without exception, all available SCADA systems were lacking the fundamental core architectural structures required to meet the specification.

As a team of system integrators, we decided to develop the ultimate SCADA system that was designed for system integrators. This became a 15-year development project by our team of highly experienced software developers and system integrators. We pushed hard for several years and considered bring the product to market many times, but we knew that releasing too early would result in a complete stop in any new and meaningful development.

After the first beta release in 2008, we went through a process of re-architecting the platform and performed a series of field tests.

From 2008 to 2016, we executed several pilot projects in both USA and Canada, and finally, in 2016, we decided that the product was ready for the market. 

During this period, we gradually changed MR Control Systems from a system integration to a software development company. This shift was necessary to maintain our focus in further development and support of the product worldwide.

I am proud to say that we finally developed a world-class platform that is designed by system integrators, for system integrators. It is a goldmine, full of tools and features that make the experience of system integration intuitive and straightforward.

Two words are generally associated with SCADA: “Complex” and “Expensive”. But not anymore. We have been able to address the complexity and the cost by developing a sound architecture, intuitive and fully integrated platform.

I invite system integrators worldwide to give Sinolta a try. Having over 30 years of experience in this field, I am making a few bold statements in this letter. It is up to you to decide when to stop the non-sense and try Sinolta.

Matt Eskandar, E.E. P.Eng. President

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