Welcome to MR Control Systems International Inc.

MR Control Systems International Inc. develops real-time monitoring, control and reporting applications for business critical information.

EVENTA is a next generation, secure software system specifically designed for SCADA and Business Intelligence operations by integrating real-time and historic data from multiple sources into one easy-to-use scalable platform.

EVENTA is designed to support process control and power utility applications across many industries with 24/7 from our headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

EVENTA can be configured as a facility or centralized SCADA system for various users including Operators, Supervisors, Operations, Accounting and Management.

EVENTA's flexible and comprehensive toolset allows system integrators to connect to any field device or office business application to provide business intelligence in real-time.

Scalable Highly flexible IT friendly Cyber secured Customizable Easy to setup Easy to use 50% lower cost of ownership M2M Interface