Welcome to MR Control Systems International Inc.

We are provider of Real-time Monitoring and Control solutions to Electricity and Renewable energy industries. These solutions can take any form of software, hardware, or services.

MR Control Systems has been providing SCADA and software solutions to Power Utilities, Oil and Gas, Water Resources and Wind industries over the last 19 years.

Eventa Solutions

We provide the following solutions and services:

  • SCADA Master
  • Substation HMI
  • Control Center
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Aggregation
  • Substation Gateway
  • Data Concentrator
  • Protocol Convertor
  • RTU Configuration
  • PLC Programming
  • SCADA Security
  • Distribution Automation
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Monitoring, Control, Reporting solutions
  • Microgrid systems (Integrate Batteries, Wind, Solar, Natural Gas, Diesel and loads)
  • Data Communication (Serial, Ethernet, Internet, Fiber, Cellular, Microwave, Satellite)
  • Data bridge over narrow bandwidth communication links such as private microwave, cellular networks or satellite
  • Maintain and support your current SCADA system
  • Integrate OT & IT data
  • Connect field data to Public IoT Cloud Servers
  • Connect field data to Private Industrial IoT Cloud Servers
  • Real-time Software development