EVENTA SaaS (Software as a Service) for SCADA

Many business operators are moving away from traditional methods of hosting their own software and storing data on their own servers. SCADA on the "Cloud" or SaaS (Software as a Service) is being considered by companies of all size. Please contact us for more information on how EVENTA SaaS can be utilized in your operations.

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Eventa Saas
Scalable Highly flexible IT friendly Cyber secured Customizable Easy to setup Easy to use 50% lower cost of ownership M2M Interface

EVENTA SaaS Key Features

  • No upfront licensing fee or hardware fees
  • New projects can be added over the cloud
  • Same functionality as a private dedicated network
  • Multiple projects can run on a single server
  • Built in watchdog service
  • Works with Cell, Satellite, Microwave, WAN and Internet upfront licensing fee or hardware fees
  • Secure HTTPS web interface
  • User specific encrypted interface and authentication over the web
  • Virtual control center