MR Control Systems International Inc. is a privately owned company which was formed in 1999 as a SCADA Software solution company. During our first 6 years of our business, as part of a master service agreement with a worldwide major automation hadrware/software supplier, we installed over 300 SCADA systems across the globe in the Oil and Gas, Process Control, Power Utility, Water Resources and Renewable Energy industries. Working with most of the large "Big Box" SCADA software packages helped us to identify several deficiencies related to scalability, flexibility, ease of use and cost.

Over the past 12 years, we have used our experience and expertise to develop a powerful software platform that allows us to offer practical solutions catering to multiple industries.

Our new SCADA software platform is called EVENTA which provides system solutions for a variety of real-time and historical applications where emphasis is in the usability of data beyond the Control Room. This includes areas such as Real-time Data Monitoring, Control, Automation, Historian, Reporting, Data Processing, Data Mining, Data Access, and Data Security.